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Recent classes at Stanford

CS 472 Data science and AI for COVID-19. (website)

CS 273B Deep learning in genomics and bio-medicine. (website)

CS 320 Value of data and AI. (website)

CS329M Algorithms of advanced machine learning. (website)

Selected recent talks

"Computer vision to deeply phenotype human diseases across physiological, tissue and molecular scales."

Harvard (11/20); National Cancer Institute (10/20); NIH CEGS (10/20); Johns Hopkins (9/20); U Penn (9/20); Hong Kong U (9/20); National Institute of Aging (9/20);  Labroots (9/20); UCSF (7/20); RECOMB CGSI (7/20)

"Using ML to understand SARS-CoV-2 biology."

Purdue Fort Wayne (10/20); UCSB Responsible AI Summit (10/20); CZ Biohub (7/20)

"Data, markets and ML."

PnP (10/20); Virtusa (9/20); DAWN keynote (9/20); HAI journalism (9/20); Stanford SDSI (8/20)

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